Where can I sell with my USA Store?

You can sell on your own website or any marketplace in USA.

Why do I need to register a business before getting started?

You need certain documents to import and run your business in United States. We provide all the necessary papers needed to conduct business in company formation and partnership.

Can a customers return product to the my USA Store?

All your customers will get the product delivered to them from your USA store. They can also return the products to the the same place.

How do I send my products to Shipcrow USA Store?

You could hire a logistics firm (DHL, FedEx, UPS etc.) that can help you send your items directly to our USA store DDP.

How am I billed?

You are billed every month for storage and fulfillment.

Shipcrow helps in opening a USA bank account?

Yes, we provide documentation required to open a US bank account for your USA company.

Will I save something with USA store?

You can save more than 40% on storage charges with Shipcrow USA Store.

How is Shipcrow different from FBA?

With Shipcrow you get lower storage price, same day shipping, return management, liberty to sell your products on any website in USA, ship internationally, regional and national taxes support. FBA does not provide any of these services.