Sell online in USA with Shipcrow

Choose a business structure in USA.

To grow your business in the USA, it is required to incorporate a USA company. Once you have a company you could import and sell in the USA.

Register USA business
Shipcrow pallet

Send your products to Shipcrow USA Store

Pack your products carefully in boxes so they do not get damaged during transportation. We recommend hiring a logistics services like DHL or FedEx for hassle free logistics.

We keep products safe in your USA Store.

Inventory is counted and stored in a safe location. Updated inventory could be checked in our online warehouse software.

Packaging & Shipping orders.

We pack and ship order the same day they are received. For shipping we choose the lowest discounted price unless it is an overnight delivery.

Return order processing

We check returns for damages and take clear pictures for your evaluation. We handle returns the same way we handle the outgoing orders.

We maintain your Company.

You sell online in USA with a legal entity. We maintain your entity in United States and helps filing for federal income tax and state taxes, if your entity is liable.

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