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USA is the largest consumer market of the world. In nominal terms it means that the consumer spending of the US residents is the largest compared to the world. Incorporating a DE LLC is a great way to start out in USA. It does not require a US citizenship or residency to form a business in USA. It also does not matter what part of the world you are headquartered, incorporating in US could be a great move for your local business to go global.

When you hire Shipcrow to form a company in USA, we do the following for you:

  1. Check if your desired name for your US Company is available.
  2. Act as your company’s registered agent in the state as required by the law.
  3. File certificate of organization with Delaware Division of Corporation.
  4. Get licenses and permits required to import and retail your products in US.

Terms explanation

Registered agent is a full time employee in the state, who receives all legal documents on your company’s behalf. It is required by law for a registered agent to maintain full time office hours in the state of incorporation.

Certificate of organization is a type of a document which is filed with secretary of state to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

It is an extremely diverse agency with responsibility in Delaware’s archives, arts, banking, corporation etc.


A Delaware LLC only needs to pay an annual franchise tax to Delaware Division of Corporation (DDC). This tax is due by 1st June of every year. We act as your registered agents in the state making sure you don’t miss out any important dates on your  tax payments. Shipcrow also keep your business in USA in good standing with the DDC.

LLC does not pay any sales tax providing it’s business is operational outside DE. It does not matter if you make profit or no profit, everybody pays the same tax.

  • One- State Franchise tax
  • Two- Sales you make

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