Bank Account

USA Bank Account

Required Documents

Opening a USA bank account is difficult if you are not present in US. Most people actually have to fly into US and physically walk into a branch. We DO NOT assist in setting up US account but most importantly we provide all the documents required to get an account in US.

Please don’t get hoodwinked by other companies who claim to set up US bank account. Frankly, no one can really help you do that very well. You will have all the legal documents relating to the formation of your Delaware Company bank account.

Business owners also run into trouble trying to open an account in their own country for a foreign business. If your country is part of the Hague Convention, you will need an apostle (official certification of your business formation documents).

Using bank account in your home country

Payment Gateways.

If at all possible we recommend just setting up a online payment gateway account for your online transactions. The money can go to your bank account branched in your home country.


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