Get help with the US company formation | Shipcrow Help
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Why should you consider forming the USA company?

To get your services and products an identity in the USA a company registration is required.

Where could you sell goods/services with your USA company?

You can sell on your own website or any marketplace in the USA to anywhere in the world.

Do you assist merchants in opening a US bank account?

Yes, we do provide business bank accounts assistance and remote bank accounts.

How to decide between LLC and Corporation?

Businesses that do not plan to raise money through public shareholders should form an LLC and a Corporation, if otherwise.

How much time does it take to form the company?

It takes three days to form a Corporation or LLC. The whole process takes about ten business days.

How to get started and pay for Shipcrow services?

To get started we have to fill a short form here. Once that is done we would issue you an invoice which could be accessed at any time by logging into your account.

What is foreign qualification and when do you need one?

A company incorporated in one State needs to register in the second State if it is conducting it’s business or have a physical presence in the second State. A foreign qualification is generally required if you have a bank account, warehouse etc in a foreign state.

What is operating agreement?

Operating Agreement or Company By-Laws are the set of rules with which a Company is organized and works. A Company formed/registered in Delaware does not interfere with the internal structure of a company.