Income Taxes | Register US Company
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Income Taxes

It is an age of globalization and one can freely do business in any part of the world, or like, in this case, the “United States of America” (‘USA’). The income earned in the USA would be taxed for all the profits generated from selling to USA customers. Be that as it may, that’s your money and at some point, you will remit those funds to your home country. Most of the countries have Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with the USA. Complying with certain rules and furnishing valid documents a credit can be issued for tax paid in the USA. If your country has DTAA with the USA then you can avoid paying taxes at two places.

Shipcrow provides with a complete peace of mind solution. We manage your business in the United States and helps in filing electronic returns at the international Executive Services level under US tax compliance (Federal and State returns). Analyse missing information and coordinating with our client for providing such information to complete the return. We prepare all types of return i.e. Foreign National (Full year, Part-Year, Non-Resident).