Bank Account | Register US Company
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Bank Account

Non-residents can open a bank account in the USA without visiting.

Opening a USA bank account is difficult if you are not present in the US. Most people actually have to fly into the US and physically walk into a branch. We DO assist in setting up US account for startup companies and most importantly we provide all the documents required to get an account in the US.

We provide bank accounts and company in Delaware. These bank account will accept US credit cards and will accept payments through payment gateways like, Paypal, Skrill, Stripe and more. There is no minimum deposit required and the monthly maintenance fee could be easily waived.



Opening a business checking account in the US would require a physical visit of the company owner. But if you as a company owner want the bank account for your company remotely then we can help you. Our dedicated agent will present themselves on your company’s behalf to open the bank account. We would have the signing authority over the account but the company owner will have full control.



It is not necessary to have a US bank account for your company. You could get a bank account (receiving only) with the account and routing number, and use it to collect payments from marketplaces. You may also use an international payment gateway.