Making $7000 every month on Groupon. | Register US Company
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Making $7000 every month on Groupon.

Our story:

We are a tourism business. Our base operations are in India and we were looking to set up our operations in the USA.  We came across Shipcrow last year through a social website Quora and it guided us in the right direction.

We have been in the tourism business for more than 4 years and have observed that the maximum number of clients were from USA and Canada. The clients from overseas used to approach us in India and we thought that we could do better by moving our operations to the USA by selling on Groupons. So we did a little research and came to know about Shipcrow.

Groupon has a requirement that the seller of services or goods must be a company or a person in the USA. We incorporated our LLC with Shipcrow last year which provided us the with the registration, a US address, FREE USD receiving bank account, Tax guidance in USA & India.

After listing our tour packages on the marketplace we were able to reach more potential clients. Overall we loved the idea of how a business like us could go international.


Vijay Singh.



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